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Accuracy and efficiency play pivotal roles in the success of any construction project.

This is where guide wall construction emerges as a critical initial phase, laying the groundwork for flawless
execution of subsequent stages. At Acero Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering expert
guide wall construction services tailored to meet the unique demands of your site.

Our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of guide wall construction, from site preparation to
the final touches of maintenance, ensuring that your project is not just completed but
accomplished with excellence.

Showcase of Expertise: Acero’s Prestigious Projects

We have had the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects, demonstrating our capability
and expertise in guide wall construction. Here are some examples that highlight our commitment
to quality and precision:

-Secant Piled Circular Shaft in Southampton: A testament to our precision
engineering, this project involved constructing a secant piled circular shaft with an opening
of 1200mm, length of 89.14m, diameter of 28.3m, and a radius of 14.1m. This project
exemplified our ability to tackle complex designs and execute them with meticulous
attention to detail.

-Secant Piles in London: Our team demonstrated exceptional skill in constructing secant
piles for a project in London, with an opening of 620mm, length of 100m, and diameter of
600mm. This project showcased our proficiency in urban construction challenges.

-Secant Piles in Slough: Another illustration of our expertise, this project involved secant
piles with an opening of 620mm, length of 127.8m, and diameter of 600mm. It
underscored our capacity to deliver robust foundation solutions for complex structures.

-Diaphragm Wall in Wendover for HS2: With a length of 1500m, 7 steps ranging from
1000mm – 1500mm, and openings varied from 850mm – 1050mm, the project was
extremely challenging. In addition, flyby’s were required on every direction change to
accommodate the grab bucket working range, working below overhead powerlines had to
be accommodated as well as backfilling to highway specification were required.

The success of this project highlights out ability to work in the most challenging of

Tailored Solutions for Every Project Understanding that each construction project is distinct, we offer custom solutions designed to align with the specific requirements of your project. Our flexible packages are crafted to ensure optimal outcomes, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities your project presents.
Whether it’s adapting to the environmental conditions of the site or incorporating innovative
materials and techniques, our team is equipped to deliver results that not only meet but exceed

Personalised Project Management

At the heart of our service offering is personalised project management. Every project entrusted
to us is overseen by a dedicated manager, who ensures smooth execution and accountability
throughout the construction process. This hands-on approach guarantees that every detail is
meticulously managed, from the initial planning stages through to completion, ensuring that your
project progresses on schedule and within budget.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in construction, and at Acero Construction, we leave no stone unturned in
safeguarding the well-being of our workforce and all stakeholders. We provide comprehensive
safety planning, including detailed Lift Plans, Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMs),Site
Safety Folder, and planned site audits to ensure safety quality standards are met on each project.
Our rigorous safety protocols are designed to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations,
minimising risks and promoting a safe working environment.

Nationwide Coverage

Our guide wall construction services extend across the nation, offering wide-reaching coverage
that accommodates projects anywhere in the country. Regardless of your project’s location, our
team is ready to provide the expert services you need, ensuring that you have access to Acero
Construction’s quality and expertise, no matter where you are.

From Start to Finish: Our Process

-Site Preparation: Every successful guide wall construction begins with thorough site
preparation. Our team assesses the site to identify any potential challenges and prepares
the ground for construction, ensuring a solid foundation for the guide walls.

-Material Selection: Using only high-quality materials is key to the durability and
effectiveness of guide walls. We carefully select materials that best suit the specific needs
and environmental conditions of your project.

-Formwork Installation: Our skilled professionals install the formwork with precision,
creating a mould for the concrete that ensures the guide walls are accurately aligned and
positioned according to the project’s specifications.

-Concrete Pouring: The pouring of concrete is executed with diligence, ensuring that the
guide walls achieve the required strength and stability.

-Quality Control and Maintenance: Our commitment to quality extends beyond the
construction phase. We implement stringent quality control measures throughout the
process and provide maintenance services to ensure the longevity of the guide walls.
With our expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to quality, Acero Construction is your
ideal partner for guide wall construction services.

Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring accurate alignment, placement, and levelling of the main structure for a successful construction project. Trust us to bring precision, quality, and efficiency to your site, laying the foundation for your project’s success.

Choose Acero Construction for guide wall construction services that stand the test of time, and
embark on a construction journey marked by excellence, safety, and innovation.

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