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The Acero team recently visited the Bauer and Keller joint venture project at HS2. The visit took
place at the School Hill site, beginning with a thorough site induction and safety briefing provided
by the site Supervisor. This briefing ensured the teams safety and understanding of the site

During the visit, the team toured the busy site, which was operating with two rigs. This allowed
them to observe the entire rotary drilling process firsthand. They gained invaluable insights into
the specific roles and daily challenges faced by the operatives. This knowledge will be beneficial
for the Acero team when discussing any issues with their operatives and understanding their
experiences better.

The visit also provided a great opportunity to meet the operatives in the field, fostering stronger
relationships and improving communication.
We extend our sincere thanks to Keller, Bauer, and everyone on site for facilitating this visit. It was
aa great opportunity, and we look forward to future visits.

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